More than 6.5 million jobs to be lost in UK lockdown, study predicts

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More than 6.5 million jobs could be lost due to the economic fallout from the UK’s coronavirus lockdown, according to a new study.

Research by the Institute for Social and Economic Research at the University of Essex has warned this would equate to about a quarter of the UK’s total jobs, with more than half of the positions in certain sectors being lost.

Accommodation and food services are predicted to be worst affected, with 75 per cent of jobs – about 1.3 million positions – lost, while some sectors referred to as “other services” are predicted to lose 50 per cent and “wholesale, retail and repair of motor vehicles” is predicted to lose 47.6 per cent.


About 700,000 positions (44 per cent) in the transport and storage sector could be lost and 26.5 per cent of jobs in “administrative and support services” are expected to go as well, the study said.  Read more here