Ukrain (NSC-631570) influences on bone status: a review.

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Drugs Exp Clin Res. 2000;26(5-6):317-20.
Ukrain (NSC-631570) influences on bone status: a review.
Jab?o?ski M.
Medical University Orthopedic Department, Lublin, Poland.

Ukrain, a thiophosphoric acid alkaloid derivative of Chelidonium majus L., was shown to affect bone tissue metabolism as assessed in densitometric and biomechanical studies in rats. Its action could be slightly osteopenic at the highest doses administered to intact animals for a prolonged period of time. This phenomenon is possibly related to Ukrain's inhibitory effect on spontaneous locomotor activity of treated animals and/or to the stimulatory effect of the drug on the osteoclastic activity via the macrophage system. By far, the most important finding seems to be the anabolic effect of Ukrain on bone in ovariectomized rats, which is most probably related to induced increase in the production of gonadal hormones, predominantly estrogens. In this regard, the postmenopausal population of female patients treated for malignancies with Ukrain (and obviously the most numerous one) meritis clinical attention as far as the antiosteoporotic effects of this drug are concerned.