Ukrain Debate 1: What is the active Substance of Ukrain?

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This is a debate about the active substance of Ukrain.
Nowicky Pharma firts proposed that the active substance is a trimeric structure, that in later tests by Panzer and Habermehl have been postulated not to be present.
Panzer says that "Chemical analyses of Ukrain by thin layer chromatography, high-performance liquid chromatography and liquid chromatography-mass spectrometry was inconsistent with the proposed trimeric structure and demonstrated that at least some commercial preparations of Ukrain consist of a mixture of C. majus alkaloids (including chelidonine)", Habermehl is saying that "mass spectrometric analysis of Ukrain failed to detect the suggested Ukrain molecule that has been postulated yto mediate the effect of Ukrain. Instead, the Chelidonium majus L. alkaloids chelidonine, sanguinarine, chelerythrine, protopine and allocryptopine were identified as major components of Ukrain". Nowicky Pharma, the manufacturer of Ukrain declares in their EMEA Orphan Drug License application: "Chelidonine, like some other celandine alkaloids, is hardly soluble in water. This makes intravenous injections impossible. For this reason drugs derived from celandine alkaloids are always administered only orally. In addition, these drugs cannot accumulate in cancer tissue. Ukrain is a Chelidonium majus L.-thiophosphoric acid derivative, a complex reaction mixture of Chelidonium majus L. alkaloids with triethylene-thiophosphoric acid triamide (Thio- TEPA). The injection solution contains Ukrain in a concentration of 1 mg/ml. No Thio-TEPA or free aziridine ring compounds can be detected. The finished product contains still alkaloids, however, in contrast to the starting material, in a water-soluble, injectable, active form".

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