The Biofield Hypothesis: Its Biophysical Basis and Role in Medicine

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J Altern Complement Med. 2002 Dec;8(6):703-17.

The biofield hypothesis: its biophysical basis and role in medicine.
Rubik B.
Institute for Frontier Science, Oakland, CA, and Union Institute and University, Cincinnati, OH, USA.

paper provides a scientific foundation for the biofield: the complex,
extremely weak electromagnetic field of the organism hypothesized to
involve electromagnetic bioinformation for regulating homeodynamics.
The biofield is a useful construct consistent with bioelectromagnetics
and the physics of nonlinear, dynamical, nonequilibrium living systems.
It offers a unifying hypothesis to explain the interaction of objects
or fields with the organism, and is especially useful toward
understanding the scientific basis of energy medicine, including
acupuncture, biofield therapies, bioelectromagnetic therapies, and
homeopathy. The rapid signal propagation of electromagnetic fields
comprising the biofield as well as its holistic properties may account
for the rapid, holistic effects of certain alternative and
complementary medical interventions.