Psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapeutic touch and cancer. A review of the method of intervention and studv of 75 cases

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Psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapeutic touch and cancer.A review of the method of intervention and studv of 75 cases
J. Altemative Medicine 2009;l(2)
Frederick B Levenson, Micah D Levenson, Soren Ventegodt, Joav Merrick
Cancer treatments based upon holistic health, psychosocial interventions utilizitg talk therapy md/or therapeutic touchtechniques with the primary goal of inproving quality of life, have shown a positive effect on patient tongwity and both observed and reported patient quality of tife. In 1974 Levenson began treding cancer patieDls with the primary goal of aiding their capacity to regulate and dischargeirritaion. In a holistic medical framework, this process might be envisioned as curing psychoform and somatoformdissociation and rehabilitating the patient's sense of coherence through existential healing (salutogenesis). In this paper the l,evenson method is described and the 75 cases treated during 1974 to 2008 discussed. Almost all patients were diagnosed with epithelioid cancer treated by oncologists at esteemed medical centers. All subjects  within this sample, with the exception of two who died immediately afrer the initialization of treatment experienced an improved quality of life according to case records and reviewed documentation- 33 (44%) are still alive, 80% survived for more than five years and 45%survived for more than 10 years. A noticeable trend of improved patient quality of life and longevity had occurred as Levenson refined and improved his treatment methodology over the decades. The patients often sought treatment after a terminal diagnosis and were informed that allopathic biomedical interventions could not alter their prognosis. There seemed to be an improvement in longevity and several spontaneous remissions were noted in the hospital documentation. This holisic health approach (clinical holistic medicine) appear: to have improved thequality of life and prolonged survival.