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Ukrain, also called NSC 631570 is an experimental anticancer drug invented by the Ukrainian researcher Wassil Nowicky and tested clinically for the first time in 1978. It is a product that results from a reaction of alkaloids from greater celandine with the classic cancer medicine Thio-TEPA in the presence of hydrochloric acid.

Ukrain contents mixture of alkaloids. Chelidonine is generally considered the most important one. Chelidonine, like some other celandine alkaloids, is hardly soluble in water. This makes intravenous injections impossible. The preparation of Ukrain together with Thio-TEPA and hydrochlric acid makes the alkaloids water soluble and injectable. addition. It is probable the anti-cancer effect of Ukrain is a result of a combined action of all its constituents. Previously it has been postulated that the active component of Ukrain was a trimeric structure containing three chelidonine molecules connected by a Thiro-thepa skeleton. This has not been confirmed in later investigations.

Licensing Status
Ukrain has obtained drug licenses in Mexico, United Arab Emirates and several states of the former Soviet Union. Recently, Ukrain has got the orphan drug status for the treatment of pancreatic cancer in Australia and in the United States of America.

Clinical Investigations
Ukrain has been investigated in multiple phase I and phase II clinical trials on a large variety of cancer types with very promising results. Ukrain can also have a possible future role in the treatment of Hepatitis C and other viral infections.
Click on this link to go to a summary of all the clinical investigations and case reports on Ukrain.
The Clinical publications on Ukrain have been summarized 2005 in an article by Prof Edzard Ernst, UK.

Other investigations on Ukrain

In vitro investigations on Ukrain of Ukrain has shown effect on a wide variety of cancer cell cultures, a possibleantidepressant and anti-dementia effect and radioprotective properties on normal cells, but not on cancer cells.
It has been shown toinduce apoptosis and to have a selective toxicity for cancer cells. This selective toxicity has been challenged by another research group, which found no selective toxicity for Ukrain in certain cancer cell cultures.

Animal investigations
Animal experiments has shown no acute toxicity in rats,or rabbits and to have effect on a large variety of animal cancers, and bone density in rats.
It seems to have possible interactions with alcohol and morphine and to have a painkilling effect that is antagonized by the morphine blocker Naltrexone. It has been shown to have a selective uptake in tumor tissue in rats and to increase the level of thyroid hormones in Rabbits.
It has been shown to have a protective effect against against bacterial infections and an antiviral effect.

Controversies around Ukrain

Ukrain and its manufacturer Nowicky Pharma has been subject to many controversies. These controvesities will be summarized and debate on this page.
The inventor, Dr Wassil Nowicky describes many events of postulated personal persecution and even a murder attempt in the book, "Who is afraid of Ukrain?", authored together with the austrian journalist, Eleonore Thun-Hohenstein. He has made a summary of his view in a letter, published here.

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