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Mikael Nordfors Covid 19 Medical Papers 0
Mikael Nordfors Estrogen receptor, progesterone receptor, HER-2, and response to postmastectomy radiotherapy in high-risk breast cancer........ 0
Mikael Nordfors Teratological evaluation of Ukrain in hamsters and rats 0
Mikael Nordfors A pilot study of adjuvant bevacizumab and chemotherapy after neoadjuvant chemotherapy for high-risk breast cancer. 0
Mikael Nordfors Prognostic improvement of patients with advanced liver cancer after active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) treatment. 0
Mikael Nordfors How can I ask a question? 0
Mikael Nordfors A new methodology of viewing extra-axial fluid and cortical abnormalities in children with autism via transcranial ultrasonography 0
Mikael Nordfors Mechanism of action of Ukrain. 0
Mikael Nordfors Breast Cancer Treatment 0
Mikael Nordfors IV Artesunate 0
Mikael Nordfors About Us 0
testare Gillar du mig? 0
Moritz FAQ 0
Mikael Nordfors Prostate specific antigen bounce after simultaneous irradiation for prostate cancer: the relationship to patient age. 0
Mikael Nordfors The value of proteasome inhibition in cancer. Can the old drug, disulfiram, have a bright new future as a novel proteasome inhib 0
Mikael Nordfors Homeopatic therapy in Cancer Treatment 0
Mikael Nordfors Dentists, dental nurses, and brain tumours 0
Mikael Nordfors Please follow the link below in order to see videos on how to heal chronic pain! 0
Mikael Nordfors test 0
Mikael Nordfors ThioTEPA 0
Mikael Nordfors Q & A 0
Mikael Nordfors Depressive Disorder, Major 0
Mikael Nordfors Mitaplatin, a potent fusion of cisplatin and the orphan drug dichloroacetate. 0
Mikael Nordfors CA19-9 0
Mikael Nordfors I finally got it together! 0
Mikael Nordfors NF-kappa B 0
Mikael Nordfors EDTA 0
Mikael Nordfors Effect of Ukrain on human liver alcohol dehydrogenase activity in vitro. 0
Mikael Nordfors Induced apoptosis in human prostate cancer cell line LNCaP by Ukrain. 0
Mikael Nordfors Preliminary pharmacokinetic studies of Ukrain in rats 0
Mikael Nordfors Six-week treatment with Ukrain in rabbits. Part III: Serum levels of thyroid hormones 0
Mikael Nordfors Drupal 7 video 0
Mikael Nordfors Evaluation of mutagenic, genotoxic and transforming properties of Ukrain 0
Mikael Nordfors Improved prognosis of postoperative hepatocellular carcinoma patients when treated with functional foods: a prospective cohort s 0
Mikael Nordfors Pharmacological Treatments 0
Mikael Nordfors Stage of development 0
Mikael Nordfors test 0
Mikael Nordfors PSMA - Lutetium Treatment 0
Mikael Nordfors Gemcitabine 0
Mikael Nordfors Events 0
Mikael Nordfors CT-Guided brachytherapy. A novel percutaneous technique for interstitial ablation of liver metastases 0
Mikael Nordfors In vivo and in vitro is not the same 0
Mikael Nordfors WITHDRAWN: Multi-agent chemotherapy for early breast cancer. 0
Mikael Nordfors How to use the site 0
Mikael Nordfors Bibliography on Ukrain 0
Mikael Nordfors Misfit Cases 0
Dina Stenborg Medical Dictionary Terms 0
Mikael Nordfors Alkaloids 0
Mikael Nordfors Chemotherapy 0
Mikael Nordfors Therapeutic Potential of Amanitin-Conjugated Anti-Epithelial Cell Adhesion Molecule Monoclonal Antibody Against Pancreatic Carci 0
Mikael Nordfors The influence of active hexose correlated compound (AHCC) on cisplatin-evoked chemotherapeutic and side effects in tumor-bearing 0
Mikael Nordfors Why cerebellar glioblastoma is rare and how that indicates adjunctive use of the FDA-approved anti-emetic aprepitant might retar 0
Mikael Nordfors Mikael Nordfors MD,Co-Founder of Peoples Court and WFA 0
Mikael Nordfors Dysthymic Disorder 0
Mikael Nordfors Breast Cancer 0
Mikael Nordfors Unconventional Psychiatric Treatments 0
Moritz How to create a new account 0
Mikael Nordfors NMDA receptor antagonists 0
Mikael Nordfors test 0
Mikael Nordfors Chelidonium majus 0
Mikael Nordfors Testsida för direktdemokraterna i Sverige 0
Mikael Nordfors Randomized Trial of Cytoreduction and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Versus Systemic Chemotherapy and Palliative.... 0
Mikael Nordfors Proposals 0
Mikael Nordfors Dutasteride and bicalutamide in patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer: the Therapy Assessed by Rising PSA (TARP) stud 0
brad.heising Material to Share with Group Dr. Bruce Lipton's published work entitled: "The New Biology: Where Mind & Matter Meet" 0
Mikael Nordfors Glioblastoma 0
Mikael Nordfors Top Ratings 0
Mikael Nordfors Cardiovascular Treatments 0
Mikael Nordfors Neoadjuvant chemotherapy 0
Mikael Nordfors Aging: gene silencing or gene activation? 0
Mikael Nordfors Medical Information 0
Mikael Nordfors Regulatory status and marketing history of Ukrain 10
Mikael Nordfors Ytterligare ett nytt förbättringsförslag 10
Mikael Nordfors High Dose Intravenous Vitamin C 10
Mikael Nordfors Detta är en "child page" till vårt testsystem 10
Mikael Nordfors Herbal Based Cancer Therapies 10
Mikael Nordfors Removed because of suspicion of scientific fraud: Immunotherapy of metastatic colorectal cancer with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage-activating factor, GcMAF. 10
Mikael Nordfors Immune Treatments 10
Mikael Nordfors Blockade of hedgehog signaling pathway as a therapeutic strategy for pancreatic cancer. 20
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Treatments 20
Mikael Nordfors Mistletoe as a treatment for cancer. Has no proved benefit, and can cause harm 20
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain therapy of a recurrent astrocytoma of the optic nerve (case report) 20
Mikael Nordfors Clinical aspects of cancer treatment and new biochemical mechanisms of the drug Ukrain. 20
Mikael Nordfors Different survival rates in two different Pancreatic Cancer investigations. 20
Mikael Nordfors Six-week treatment with Ukrain in rabbits. Part II: Serum levels of gonadal hormones 20
Mikael Nordfors The immunomodulating preparation Ukrain does not induce anaphylactic sensitization in mice and guinea pigs 20
Mikael Nordfors Oral metronomic chemotherapy using cyclophosphamide in metastatic patients (pts) after standard treatment: Results of a randomiz 25
Mikael Nordfors This study provides a lot of valuable info in the full text version 30
Mikael Nordfors A phase II study of two dosing regimens of GSK 1363089 (GSK089), a dual MET/VEGFR2 inhibitor, in patients (pts) with papillar... 30
Mikael Nordfors The influence of Ukrain on the growth of HA-1 tumor in mice: the role of cysteine proteinases as markers of tumor malignancy 30
Mikael Nordfors Some objectivity still present 30
Mikael Nordfors Phase 2 study of temozolomide in children and adolescents with recurrent central nervous system tumors: a report from the 30
Mikael Nordfors Management of the patient and family with neurofibromatosis 2: a consensus conference statement. 30
Mikael Nordfors A retrospective analysis of locally advanced esophageal cancer patients treated with neoadjuvant chemoradiation therapy followe 30
Mikael Nordfors Pharmacology and safety factors affecting use of flat (rather than weight-based) dosing of tesetaxel, an orally administered.... 30
Mikael Nordfors Targeting GIPC/synectin in pancreatic cancer inhibits tumor growth. 30
Mikael Nordfors Unfortunately not available 30
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of pemetrexed, carboplatin, and thoracic radiation with or without cetuximab in patients with locally advanced... 30
testare DD OO2020 30
Mikael Nordfors Marked inactivation of O6-alkylguanine-DNA alkyltransferase activity with protracted temozolomide schedules. 30
Mikael Nordfors Final analysis of a multicenter, randomized phase II trial comparing three different chemoradiotherapy regimens in the treatment 30
Mikael Nordfors Effect of Ukrain on the efficacy of anti-epileptic drugs against maximal electroshock-induced seizures in mice. 30
Mikael Nordfors Dendritic Cell Therapy 30
Mikael Nordfors Outpatient administration of high-dose methotrexate for osteosarcoma treatment in Brazil. 30
Mikael Nordfors Correlation between prior therapeutic dendritic cell vaccination and the outcome of patients with metastatic melanoma treated... 30
Mikael Nordfors Insulin-like growth factor-I receptor blockade reduces the invasiveness of gastrointestinal cancers via blocking production of m 30
Mikael Nordfors A very Interesting article 30
Mikael Nordfors Bioavailability of sorafenib tablets administered as a liquid suspension. 30
Mikael Nordfors Cysteine proteinase inhibitor level in tumor and normal tissues in control and cured mice. 30
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment of a patient with retroperitoneal synovial sarcoma. 35
Mikael Nordfors GcMAF 36.6667
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of temozolomide, thalidomide, and celecoxib for newly diagnosed glioblastoma in adults. 40
Mikael Nordfors Kinetics study on markers of the immune system by gene expression profiling of an in vivo heated tumor. 40
Mikael Nordfors Correlation between O6-methylguanine-DNA methyltransferase and survival in inoperable newly diagnosed glioblastoma patients .... 40
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain therapy in a frontal anaplastic grade III astrocytoma (case report) 40
Mikael Nordfors Results of a phase II open-label, nonrandomized trial of oral satraplatin in patients with metastatic breast cancer. 40
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment of rhabdomyosarcoma (case report) 40
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of calcitriol-enhanced docetaxel in patients with previously untreated metastatic or locally advanced pancreatic 40
Mikael Nordfors Phase I trial of capecitabine (Cap) and gemcitabine (G) with concurrent radical radiotherapy in locally advanced pancreatic ca.. 40
Mikael Nordfors Gemcitabine combined with uracil-tegafur in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. 40
Mikael Nordfors Temozolomide in combination with celecoxib in patients with advanced melanoma. A phase II study of the Hellenic Cooperative Onco 40
Mikael Nordfors Enhancement of macrophage tumouricidal activity by the alkaloid derivative 40
Mikael Nordfors Combination antiangiogenic therapy: increased efficacy in a murine model of Wilms tumor. 40
Mikael Nordfors Outcomes for elderly, advanced-stage non small-cell lung cancer patients treated with bevacizumab in combination with carboplat 40
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of MIF Leads to Cell Cycle Arrest and Apoptosis in Pancreatic Cancer Cells. 40
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain: acute toxicity after intravenous, intramuscular and oral administration in rats 40
Mikael Nordfors Control of cancer-associated inflammation and survival: Results from a prospective randomized phase II trial in gastric cancer. 40
Mikael Nordfors Ependymoma. 40
Mikael Nordfors Serum cytokines in pancreatic cancer: Correlation with outcome 40
Mikael Nordfors Randomized phase IIB trial of BLP25 liposome vaccine in stage IIIB and IV non-small-cell lung cancer. 40
Mikael Nordfors In vitro and in vivo antiproliferative activity of laherradurin and cherimolin-2 of Annona diversifolia Saff. 40
Mikael Nordfors Anti-angiogenic effect of 5-Fluorouracil-based drugs against human colon cancer xenografts. 40
Mikael Nordfors Improvement of cyclophosphamide activation by CYP2B6 mutants: from in silico to ex vivo. 40
Mikael Nordfors Mistletoe in conventional oncological practice: exemplary cases. 40
Mikael Nordfors A phase I study of oral metronomic vinorelbine plus capecitabine in patients with metastatic breast cancer. 40
Mikael Nordfors Trans Arterial Chemo Embolization(TACE) 40
Mikael Nordfors Pancreatic cancer stem cells - insights and perspectives. 40
Mikael Nordfors Hepatocyte growth factor as inducer of gefitinib resistance in non-small cell lung cancer harboring EGFR activating mutations. 40
Mikael Nordfors Ifosfamide, carboplatin, and etoposide (ICE) in combination with regional hyperthermia (RHT) in chemotherapy-pretreated non..... 40
Mikael Nordfors One week on/one week off: A novel active regimen of temozolomide for recurrent glioblastoma 40
Mikael Nordfors Long term outcomes following surgical resection of myxopapillary ependymomas. 40
Mikael Nordfors Circulating tumor and endothelial cells as pharmacodynamic biomarkers in a phase I clinical trial of intravenous bevacizumab.... 40
Mikael Nordfors Melatonin 45
Mikael Nordfors Phase I adjuvant trial of multi-epitope p53 vaccine for patients with squamous cell carcinoma of the head and neck (SCCHN): A pr 45
Mikael Nordfors Hyperthermia 46.6667
Mikael Nordfors Five novel mono-tetrahydrofuran ring acetogenins from the seeds of Annona muricata. 50
Mikael Nordfors Prediction of Survival following First-Line Chemotherapy in Men with Castration-Resistant Metastatic Prostate Cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Die Rolle von Boswellia-Säuren in der Therapie maligner Gliome: Methodische Mängel 50
Mikael Nordfors Circulating endothelial-cell kinetics and viability predict survival in breast cancer patients receiving metronomic chemotherapy 50
Mikael Nordfors A novel metronomic schedule of oral vinorelbine for the treatment of metastatic breast cancer in elderly patients............... 50
Mikael Nordfors Resveratrol inhibits mTOR signaling by promoting the interaction between mTOR and DEPTOR. 50
Mikael Nordfors Glioblastoma Multiforme 50
Mikael Nordfors Carbon-ion treatment 50
Mikael Nordfors Nadroparin for the prevention of thromboembolic events in ambulatory patients with metastatic or locally advanced solid cancer 50
Mikael Nordfors A phase III comparison of prophylactic cranial irradiation versus observation in patients with locally advanced non-small cell.. 50
Mikael Nordfors A method for determination of Ukrain in blood plasma for monitoring and pharmacokinetic study 50
Mikael Nordfors Six-week treatment with Ukrain in rabbits. Part I: Morphological parameters 50
Mikael Nordfors The ErbB inhibitors trastuzumab and erlotinib inhibit growth of vestibular schwannoma xenografts in nude mice: a preliminary 50
Mikael Nordfors Influence of polymorphisms of drug metabolizing enzymes (CYP2B6, CYP2C9, CYP2C19, CYP3A4, CYP3A5, GSTA1, GSTP1, ALDH1A1 and 50
Mikael Nordfors Immunologic effector mechanisms of a standardized mistletoe extract on the function of human monocytes and lymphocytes in vitro, 50
Mikael Nordfors Phase II clinical trial results involving treatment with low-dose daily oral cyclophosphamide, weekly vinblastine, and rofe 50
Mikael Nordfors Effect of alkaloid sanguinarine and a pharmaceutical preparation ukrain on modulation of vesicular membrane fusion and actin.... 50
Mikael Nordfors Chemoradiotherapy in malignant glioma: standard of care and future directions. 50
Mikael Nordfors An RF hyperthermia electrode which generates no edge effect. 50
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of angiogenesis of LCI-D20 hepatocellular carcinoma by metronomic chemotherapy of S-1 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment in a patient with non-seminomatous germ-cell tumour of testis (case report) 50
Mikael Nordfors Biological activity of some thiophosphamide derivatives of alkaloids with respect to influenza virus 50
Mikael Nordfors Lack of an effect of high dose isoflavones in men with prostate cancer undergoing androgen deprivation therapy. 50
Mikael Nordfors A Phase I study of the safety of the nutritional supplement, active hexose correlated compound, AHCC, in healthy volunteers. 50
Mikael Nordfors Chemoradiotherapy with twice-weekly administration of low-dose gemcitabine for locally advanced pancreatic cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Patterns of cancer incidence, mortality, and prevalence across five continents: defining priorities to reduce cancer disparities 50
Mikael Nordfors Preclinical antitumor and antiangiogenic activity of a metronomic schedule of cisplatin against human transitional cell carcinom 50
Mikael Nordfors Ozone Therapy 50
Mikael Nordfors Bevacizumab in combination with oxaliplatin, fluorouracil, and leucovorin (FOLFOX4) for previously treated metastatic colorectal 50
Mikael Nordfors c-myc amplification is associated with HER2 amplification and closely linked with cell proliferation in tissue microarray of non 50
Mikael Nordfors Long-term safety of BLP25 liposome vaccine (L-BLP25) in patients (pts) with stage IIIB/IV non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC). 50
Mikael Nordfors Post-mortem studies in glioblastoma patients treated with thermotherapy using magnetic nanoparticles. 50
Mikael Nordfors Salvage chemotherapy with cyclophosphamide for recurrent, temozolomide-refractory glioblastoma multiforme. 50
Mikael Nordfors Action of the Src family kinase inhibitor, dasatinib (BMS-354825), on human prostate cancer cells. 50
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic and anticolorectal cancer effects of metronomic irinotecan chemotherapy alone and in combination with semaxinib. 50
Mikael Nordfors Influence of Ukrain on the nuclear thyroid hormone receptors after short-term gamma-irradiation. 50
Mikael Nordfors Locally recurrent prostate cancer after initial radiation therapy: a comparison of salvage radical prostatectomy versus cryother 50
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of angiogenesis by non-toxic doses of temozolomide. 50
Mikael Nordfors Novel anti-angiogenic therapies for malignant gliomas. 50
Mikael Nordfors Morphometric and kinetic analysis of the growth of experimental sarcoma-45 in the presence of Ukrain 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain in the treatment of urethral recurrent carcinoma (case report) 50
Mikael Nordfors Role of everolimus in the treatment of renal cell carcinoma. 50
Mikael Nordfors A pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic study on metronomic irinotecan in metastatic colorectal cancer patients. 50
Mikael Nordfors Randomized and non-randomized prospective controlled cohort studies in matched pair design for the long-term therapy of corpus u 50
Mikael Nordfors Systematic review: Cyclo-oxygenase-2 in human oesophageal adenocarcinogenesis. 50
Mikael Nordfors Lessons learned in the development of targeted therapy for malignant gliomas 50
Mikael Nordfors Case report of a pituitary macroadenoma treated with artemether. 50
Mikael Nordfors MET in small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC): Effects of a MET inhibitor in SCLC cell lines and prognostic role of MET status in pati 50
Mikael Nordfors Annonacin, a mono-tetrahydrofuran acetogenin, arrests cancer cells at the G1 phase and causes cytotoxicity in a Bax- and caspase 50
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of PI3K-AKT-mTOR signaling sensitizes melanoma cells to cisplatin and temozolomide. 50
Mikael Nordfors Final analysis of a phase II trial using sorafenib for metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Tumoral angiogenesis: review of the literature. 50
Mikael Nordfors Modification of antinociceptive action of morphine by Ukrain in rodents 50
Mikael Nordfors Continuous versus intermittent tamoxifen versus intermittent/alternated tamoxifen and medroxyprogesterone acetate as first line 50
Mikael Nordfors A randomized trial of adjuvant chemotherapy with uracil-tegafur for adenocarcinoma of the lung 50
Mikael Nordfors A metronomic schedule of cyclophosphamide combined with PEGylated liposomal doxorubicin.... 50
Mikael Nordfors Therapy innovations: tyrosine kinase inhibitors for the treatment of pancreatic neuroendocrine tumors. 50
Mikael Nordfors Do Recurrent and Metastatic Pancreatic Cancer Patients Have the Same Outcomes with Gemcitabine Treatment? 50
Mikael Nordfors Real world treatment patterns of gastrointestinal stromal tumor patients. 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain (NSC-631570) influences on bone status: a review. 50
Mikael Nordfors Adjuvante simultane Mistel-/Chemotherapie bei Mammakarzinom – Einfluss auf Immunparameter, Lebensqualität und Verträglichkeit 50
Mikael Nordfors Phase II trial of preirradiation and concurrent temozolomide in patients with newly diagnosed anaplastic oligodendrogliomas ... 50
Mikael Nordfors WITHDRAWN: Ovarian ablation for early breast cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Effects of denosumab on bone mineral density in men receiving androgen deprivation therapy for prostate cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Adjuvant simultaneous mistletoe chemotherapy in breast cancer--influence on immunological parameters, quality of life and tolera 50
Mikael Nordfors Antitumor effects in mice of low-dose (metronomic) cyclophosphamide administered continuously through the drinking water. 50
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of c-Met as a therapeutic strategy for esophageal adenocarcinoma. 50
Mikael Nordfors Cisplatin-Based Adjuvant Chemotherapy in Patients with Completely Resected Non–Small-Cell Lung Cancer 50
Mikael Nordfors Inhibitive effect of artemether on tumor growth and angiogenesis in the rat C6 orthotopic brain gliomas model. 50
Mikael Nordfors Comparative evaluation of blood plasma and tumor tissue amino acid pool in radiation or neoadjuvant preoperative therapies.... 50
Mikael Nordfors A study of the influence of a novel drug Ukrain on in vivo effects of low-dose ionizing radiation 50
Mikael Nordfors Comparative in vitro study of the effects of the new antitumor drug Ukrain and several cytostatic agents on the thiol groups in 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain with chemotherapy in malignant melanoma (case report) 50
Dina Stenborg Some pharmacological properties of prolonged administration of Ukrain in rodents 50
Mikael Nordfors Identification of the polymorphically expressed CYP2C19 and the wild-type CYP2C9-ILE359 allele as low-Km catalysts of cyclophosp 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain modulates glial fibrillary acidic protein, but not connexin 43 expression, and induces apoptosis in human cultured gliobl 50
Mikael Nordfors A phase II trial of thalidomide plus tegafur/uracil for patients with advanced/metastatic hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) 50
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Prevention 50
Mikael Nordfors Toxic effects and their management: daily clinical challenges in the treatment of colorectal cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment in a patient with metastatic renal cell carcinoma extending to the vena cava inferior. 50
Mikael Nordfors Evaluation of recombinant bacillus Calmette-Guerin expressing pertussis toxin in bladder cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors Results of Ukrain monotherapy of prostate cancer 50
Mikael Nordfors Roles of sildenafil in enhancing drug sensitivity in cancer. 50
Mikael Nordfors The story of the cancer medicine Ukrain and Wassil Nowicky 55
Mikael Nordfors Removed from Pubmed because of suspicion of scientific fraud: Immunotherapy of metastatic breast cancer patients with vitamin D-binding protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF). 55
Mikael Nordfors Lymphocyte subsets in patients with lung cancer treated with thiophosphoric acid 55
Mikael Nordfors Alert because of Scientific Fraud: Immunotherapy of HIV-infected patients with Gc protein-derived macrophage activating factor (GcMAF). 55
Mikael Nordfors Propolis Extract (Bio 30) Suppresses the Growth of Human Neurofibromatosis (NF) Tumor Xenografts in Mice 55
Mikael Nordfors Opioid growth factor improves clinical benefit and survival in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. 55
Mikael Nordfors Low dose carboplatin combined with angiostatic agents prevents metastasis in human testicular germ cell tumor xenografts. 55
Mikael Nordfors Testsida för direktdemokraterna i Sverige 56.6667
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain therapy of stage T1N0M0 bladder cancer patients 60
Mikael Nordfors Complete remission of psoriasis following bevacizumab therapy for colon cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment in carcinoma of the cervix (case report) 60
Mikael Nordfors Does the Ukrain preparation protect mice against lethal doses of bacteria? 60
Mikael Nordfors Fruit and berries--interactions with drugs 60
Mikael Nordfors Synchronization of cortisol circadian rhythm by the pineal hormone melatonin in untreatable metastatic solid tumor patients and 60
Mikael Nordfors Primary melanocytic tumor of the cerebellopontine angle mimicking a vestibular schwannoma: case report. 60
Mikael Nordfors Is there a role for herbal medicine in the treatment of pancreatic cancer?. Highlights from the "44th ASCO Annual Meeting". 60
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic drugs currently used for colorectal cancer: what other pathways can we target to prolong responses? 60
Mikael Nordfors test 60
Mikael Nordfors test3 60
Mikael Nordfors Radiomodification effects of Ukrain, a cytostatic and immunomodulating drug, on intracellular glucocorticoid reception during sh 60
Mikael Nordfors Artemisinin induces doxorubicin resistance in human colon cancer cells via calcium-dependent activation of HIF-1alpha and P-glyc 60
Mikael Nordfors Review. Current role and future perspectives of hyperthermia for prostate cancer treatment. 60
Mikael Nordfors The ErbB inhibitors trastuzumab and erlotinib inhibit growth of vestibular schwannoma xenografts in nude mice: a preliminary stu 60
Mikael Nordfors Strong synergy of heat and modulated electromagnetic field in tumor cell killing. 60
Mikael Nordfors Dasatinib inhibits the growth of prostate cancer in bone and provides additional protection from osteolysis. 60
Mikael Nordfors Clinical studies of Ukrain in healthy volunteers (phase 1). 60
Mikael Nordfors Response to Neoadjuvant Therapy and Long-Term Survival in Patients With Triple-Negative Breast Cancer 60
Mikael Nordfors Preliminary studies on the effect of Ukrain on the immunological response in patients with malignant tumours. 60
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic administration of ibandronate and its anti-angiogenic effects in vitro. 60
Mikael Nordfors Review on molecular and therapeutic potential of thymoquinone in cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors A phase I trial of tumor-associated antigen-pulsed dendritic cell immunotherapy for patients with brain stem glioma and glio.... 60
Mikael Nordfors Experimental therapy of hepatoma with artemisinin and its derivatives: in vitro and in vivo activity, chemosensitization, and m 60
Mikael Nordfors Bcl-2 overexpression protects human keratinocyte cells from Ukrain-induced apoptosis but not from G2/M arrest. 60
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin C: intravenous use by complementary and alternative medicine practitioners and adverse effects. 60
Mikael Nordfors The influence of the novel drug Ukrain on hemo- and immunopoiesis at the time of its maximum radioprotective effect 60
Mikael Nordfors Dose-Ranging Study of Metronomic Oral Vinorelbine in Patients with Advanced Refractory Cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors A phase II clinical trial of sorafenib in androgen-independent prostate cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Significance of thymidine phosphorylase in metronomic chemotherapy using CPT-11 and doxifluridine for advanced colorectal...... 60
Mikael Nordfors Immunostimulatory effects of low-dose cyclophosphamide are controlled by inducible nitric oxide synthase. 60
Mikael Nordfors Increased Response to Ketamine Following Treatment at Long Intervals: Implications for Intermittent Use. 60
Mikael Nordfors Update on pilot study on antitumor efficacy of intravenously applied synergistic combinations of diflunisal, PAS, and aspirin in patients with advanced solid tumors. 60
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin D and prostate cancer risk: a review of the epidemiological literature. 60
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of spontaneous metastasis in a rat prostate cancer model by oral administration of modified citrus pectin. 60
Mikael Nordfors A case of metronomic chemotherapy as an alternative cancer therapy for palliation 60
Mikael Nordfors Survivin and pancreatic cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Hypoxia-inducible factor-1alpha modulation in combination with anti-angiogenic therapy. 60
Mikael Nordfors Cysteine proteinases and their inhibitors in the development of mouse HA-1 hepatoma and antineoplastic therapy 60
Mikael Nordfors Amino acid conferred protection against melphalan: comparison of amino acids which reduce melphalan toxicity to murine bone marr 60
Mikael Nordfors Biophysiological effects of Ukrain therapy in a patient with breast cancer (case report) 60
Mikael Nordfors Theoretical grounds and experimental confirmation of the antiviral effect of the 60
Mikael Nordfors Inhibitory effect of a mixture containing ascorbic acid, lysine, proline and green tea extract on critical parameters in angio.. 60
Mikael Nordfors Nuts and green tea key to cancer treatment? 60
Mikael Nordfors Oral methotrexate for recurrent brain tumors in children: a Pediatric Oncology Group study. 60
Mikael Nordfors Studies on protein characteristics and toxic constituents of Simarouba glauca oilseed meal. 60
Mikael Nordfors Unconventional anticancer agents: a systematic review of clinical trials. 60
Mikael Nordfors Clinical management of adrenocortical carcinoma 60
Mikael Nordfors 1alpha,25-dihydroxyvitamin D(3) (calcitriol) and its analogue, 19-nor-1alpha,25(OH)(2)D(2), potentiate the effects of ionising.. 60
Mikael Nordfors The oil-dispersion bath in Anthroposophic Medicine - an integrative review. 60
Mikael Nordfors Is there a standard of care for the management of advanced pancreatic cancer?. Highlights from the Gastrointestinal Cancers Symp 60
Mikael Nordfors A pilot study of individualized maximum repeatable dose (iMRD), a new dose finding system, of weekly gemcitabine for patients wi 60
Mikael Nordfors Renal Cell Carcinoma Programmed Death-ligand 1, a New Direct Target of Hypoxia-inducible Factor-2 Alpha, is Regulated by von Hippel-Lindau Gene Mutation Status 60
Mikael Nordfors Cancer mortality in six lowest versus six highest elevation jurisdictions in the u.s. 60
Mikael Nordfors Fibronectin and laminin increase resistance to ionizing radiation and the cytotoxic drug Ukrain in human tumour and normal cells 60
Mikael Nordfors Glucose-lowering agents and the patterns of risk for cancer: a study with the General Practice Research Database and secondary 60
Mikael Nordfors Early outcomes following low dose naltrexone enhancement of opioid detoxification. 60
Mikael Nordfors Dissecting and targeting the growth factor-dependent and growth factor-independent extracellular signal-regulated kinase path-- 60
Mikael Nordfors Systematic review of the treatment of cancer-associated anorexia and weight loss. 60
Mikael Nordfors Anxiety- and depressive-like responses and c-fos activity in preproenkephalin knockout mice: oversensitivity hypothesis of enkephalin deficit-induced posttraumatic stress disorder. 60
Mikael Nordfors Beta-solamarine: tumor inhibitor isolated from Solanum dulcamara. 60
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose methotrexate and cyclophosphamide in recurrent ovarian cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors The association between degenerative hip joint pathology and size of the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus and piriformis muscles. 60
Mikael Nordfors Oncolytic virus therapy for malignant brain tumors 60
Mikael Nordfors New biochemical mechanisms of the anticancer effect of Ukrain in the treatment of cancer of the urinary bladder 60
Mikael Nordfors Intravenous vitamin C administration improves quality of life in breast cancer patients during chemo-/radiotherapy and aftercare 60
Mikael Nordfors Gallic acid, a major component of Toona sinensis leaf extracts, contains a ROS-mediated anti-cancer activity in human prostate 60
Mikael Nordfors Programmed drug delivery: nanosystems for tumor targeting. 60
Mikael Nordfors Combined therapy with Ukrain and chemotherapy in ovarian cancer (case report) 60
Mikael Nordfors Pycnogenol may alleviate adverse effects in oncologic treatment. 60
Mikael Nordfors Anti-angiogenic therapies for metastatic colorectal cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Synergistic antitumor effect of dichloroacetate in combination with 5-fluorouracil in colorectal cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Boswellia 60
Mikael Nordfors Anti-Cancer Infusions 60
Mikael Nordfors Artesunate induces oncosis-like cell death in vitro and has antitumor activity against pancreatic cancer xenografts in vivo 60
Mikael Nordfors Multicenter phase II study of temozolomide therapy for brain metastasis in patients with malignant melanoma, breast cancer...... 60
Mikael Nordfors SWOG 0012, a randomized phase III comparison of standard doxorubicin (A) and cyclophosphamide (C) followed by weekly paclitaxel 60
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain both as an anti cancer and immunoregulatory agent 60
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Types 60
Mikael Nordfors Tumor pO(2) as a Surrogate Marker to Identify Therapeutic Window during Metronomic Chemotherapy of 9L Gliomas. 60
Mikael Nordfors CECs, CEPs and CTCs for prediction of response in patients with advanced breast cancer (ABC) receiving metronomic vinorelbine. 60
Mikael Nordfors Therapeutic vaccination against advanced pancreatic cancer by autologous dendritic cells pulsed with a MUC1 peptide: Preclinic.. 60
Mikael Nordfors Correlation of immune responses and survival in a phase II study of belagenpumatucel-L in non-small cell lung cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Transferrin receptor-dependent cytotoxicity of artemisinin-transferrin conjugates on prostate cancer cells and induction of 60
Mikael Nordfors Focal therapy for prostate cancer: revolution or evolution? 60
Mikael Nordfors N-Acetylcysteine: Multiple Clinical Applications 60
Mikael Nordfors Enhanced proliferation and potassium conductance of Schwann cells isolated from NF2 schwannomas can be reduced by quinidine. 60
Mikael Nordfors Fatalities Temporally Associated with the Ingestion of Ibogaine. 60
Mikael Nordfors Tolerance to the anticonvulsant effect of morphine in mice: blockage by ultra-low dose naltrexone. 60
Mikael Nordfors The Long History of Vitamin C: From Prevention of the Common Cold to Potential Aid in the Treatment of COVID-19 60
Mikael Nordfors The effects of thiophosphoric acid (Ukrain) on cervical cancer, stage IB bulky 60
Mikael Nordfors Tissue factor, angiogenesis and thrombosis in pancreatic cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Serum calcium and the risk of prostate cancer. 60
Mikael Nordfors Highly efficacious nontoxic preclinical treatment for advanced metastatic breast cancer with metronomic UFT + CP 60
Mikael Nordfors An extremely interesting study! 60
Mikael Nordfors Neoadjuvant selective COX-2 inhibition down-regulates important oncogenic pathways in patients with esophageal adenocarcinoma. 60
Mikael Nordfors Final results of a pharmacokinetic (PK) and pharmacodynamic (PD) phase I trial of ARQ 197 incorporating dynamic contrast........ 60
Mikael Nordfors DMSO 60
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain 62.2222
Test user Chelidonium majus L. (Ukrain) in the treatment of cancer patients. 63.3333
Dina Stenborg Evaluation of Ukrain as an immunostimulant in patients with various carcinomas. 63.3333
Mikael Nordfors Dose-Dense and/or Metronomic Schedules of Specific Chemotherapies Consolidate the Chemosensitivity of Triple-Negative Breast Can 63.3333
Mikael Nordfors Comparative evaluation of the efficiency of various Ukrain doses in the combined treatment of breast cancer. 65
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain: general information, physical, chemical and biological properties 65
Mikael Nordfors Albarin, Injectable Aloe Vera or Polymannons 65
Mikael Nordfors Animal studies on Ukrain 65
Mikael Nordfors Todoxin against AIDS/HIV 66.66670000000001
Mikael Nordfors NHS staff forbidden from speaking out publicly about coronavirus 70
Mikael Nordfors Energy metabolism, proteotoxic stress and age-related dysfunction - protection by carnosine. 70
Mikael Nordfors Circulating tumor cells in gastrointestinal malignancies: current techniques and clinical implications. 70
Mikael Nordfors Brain tumour cells killed by anti-nausea drug 70
Mikael Nordfors Cancer preventive effect of Morinda citrifolia (Noni). 70
Mikael Nordfors Seasonal Affective Disorder 70
Mikael Nordfors On the dynamics of self-organization in living organisms. 70
Mikael Nordfors Phase I study of sunitinib malate continuously dosed and standard-infusion gemcitabine in solid tumors. 70
Test user Intravenous ketamine therapy in a patient with a treatment-resistant major depression. 70
Mikael Nordfors Durable responses with the metronomic rituximab and thalidomide plus prednisone, etoposide, procarbazine, and cyclophosphamide r 70
Mikael Nordfors A very good article 70
Mikael Nordfors Antitumor activity of patient-derived renal cell carcinoma cells fused with allogeneic dendritic cells: In vitro results and cli 70
Mikael Nordfors Cryospray ablation (CSA) in the palliative treatment of squamous cell carcinoma of the esophagus. 70
Mikael Nordfors Radiosurgery for spinal malignant tumors. 70
Mikael Nordfors New therapeutic approach for brain tumors: Intranasal delivery of telomerase inhibitor GRN163. 70
Mikael Nordfors Itraconazole inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth in non-small cell lung cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors An open-label, phase 2 trial of denosumab in the treatment of relapsed or plateau-phase multiple myeloma. 70
Mikael Nordfors Randomized phase II clinical trial of chemo-immunotherapy in advanced nonsmall cell lung cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Background 70
Mikael Nordfors Targeting tumors with nonreplicating Toxoplasma gondii uracil auxotroph vaccines 70
Mikael Nordfors Ketamine in the treatment of Depression 70
Mikael Nordfors Reduced cannabis use after low-dose naltrexone addition to opioid detoxification. 70
Mikael Nordfors Garlic, or Allium sativum: a review of its potential use as an anti-cancer agent. 70
Mikael Nordfors A multitargeted, metronomic, and maximum-tolerated dose "chemo-switch" regimen is antiangiogenic, producing objective responses 70
Mikael Nordfors Experimental Radiology 70
Mikael Nordfors Radiofrequency ablation 70
Mikael Nordfors Long-term treatment with oral ketamine : Case report of a female patient with therapy-resistant post-herpetic neuralgia 70
Mikael Nordfors Medical Cannabis Compounds 70
Mikael Nordfors Oncolytic virus therapy for prostate cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Artesunate inhibits angiogenesis and downregulates vascular endothelial growth factor expression in chronic myeloid leukemi 70
Mikael Nordfors Chloroquine and its analogs: a new promise of an old drug for effective and safe cancer therapies. 70
Mikael Nordfors Local ultrasound hyperthermia as a component of radiotherapy for osteogenic sarcoma of tubular bones in children and adolescents 70
Mikael Nordfors Tailored preoperative treatment of locally advanced triple negative (hormone receptor negative and HER2 negative) breast cancer 70
Mikael Nordfors Selective inhibition of in vitro cell growth by the anti-tumour drug Ukrain 70
Mikael Nordfors Gastric cancer originating from bone marrow-derived cells. 70
Mikael Nordfors Oncologic benefit of tonsillectomy in stage I and II tonsil cancer: a surveillance epidemiology and end results database review 70
Mikael Nordfors The Lyme disease pathogen Borrelia burgdorferi infects murine bone and induces trabecular bone loss. 70
Mikael Nordfors Effect of metronomic use of zoledronic acid (ZOL) on antitumor and antiosteoclastic effects in breast cancer patients with bone 70
Mikael Nordfors Proton Therapy 70
Mikael Nordfors Pilot study of huachansu in patients with hepatocellular carcinoma, nonsmall-cell lung cancer, or pancreatic cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors In vitro induction of apoptotic cell death in chronic lymphocytic leukemia by two natural products: preliminary study 70
Mikael Nordfors A phase II trial of an adenovirus/PSA vaccine for prostate cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Continuous oral capecitabine at fixed dose in patients older than 75 years with metastatic colorectal and gastric cancer: a stu 70
Mikael Nordfors Sorafenib and radiation: A promising combination in colorectal and pancreas cancer 70
Mikael Nordfors Systemic chemotherapy using paclitaxel and carboplatin plus regional hyperthermia and hyperbaric oxygen treatment for NSCLC. 70
Mikael Nordfors Meta-analysis of the Related Nutritional Supplements Dimethyl Sulfoxide and Methylsulfonylmethane in the Treatment of Osteoarthr 70
Mikael Nordfors The inhibition of glioma growth in vitro and in vivo by a chitosan/ellagic acid composite biomaterial. 70
Mikael Nordfors Focal laser ablation of prostate cancer: definition, needs, and future 70
Mikael Nordfors Randomized phase II trial of high-dose melatonin and radiation therapy for RPA class 2 patients with brain metastases (RTOG 0119 70
Mikael Nordfors The development of risk groups in men with metastatic castration-resistant prostate cancer based on risk factors for PSA decline 70
Mikael Nordfors Milk consumption is a risk factor for prostate cancer in Western countries: evidence from cohort studies. 70
Mikael Nordfors Primary malignant schwannoma of the cervical plexus with melanocytic differentiation. 70
Mikael Nordfors Rifaximin in irritable bowel syndrome: rationale, evidence and clinical use 70
Mikael Nordfors Durable responses with the antiangiogenic metronomic regimen RT-PEPC in elderly patients with recurrent mantle cell lymphoma 70
Mikael Nordfors Oncolytic Virus Treatment 70
Mikael Nordfors Boswellia serrata: An Overall Assessment of In Vitro, Preclinical, Pharmacokinetic and Clinical Data. 70
Mikael Nordfors Phase II trial of pharmacodynamically (PDally)-guided optimal biologic dose titration (OBDT) of sorafenib (S) in combination wit 70
Mikael Nordfors A phase I trial of surgical resection with biodegradable carmustine (BCNU) wafer placement followed by vaccination.............. 70
Mikael Nordfors Green Tea extract 70
Mikael Nordfors Effects of artemisinin and its derivatives on growth inhibition and apoptosis of oral cancer cells. 70
Mikael Nordfors Hyperthermia and Immunity. A Brief Overview 70
Mikael Nordfors Quality of radiosurgery for single brain metastases with respect to treatment technology: a matched-pair analysis. 70
Mikael Nordfors The efficacy of corticosteroids in restoring hearing in patients undergoing conservative management of acoustic neuromas.' 70
Mikael Nordfors Lockdown may cost 200,000 lives, government report shows 70
Mikael Nordfors Digitoxin and its analogs as novel cancer therapeutics. 70
Mikael Nordfors Efficiency of adjuvant active specific immunization with Newcastle disease virus modified tumor cells in colorectal ca. patients 70
Mikael Nordfors Prospective study on warfarin and regional chemotherapy in patients with pancreatic carcinoma. 70
Mikael Nordfors Acute administration of ketamine induces antidepressant-like effects in the forced swimming test and increases BDNF levels in th 70
Anne Ingeborg H... Hibiscus as medical herb Hibiscus sabdariffa L. 70
Mikael Nordfors Double-blinded randomized study of high-dose calcitriol plus docetaxel compared with placebo plus docetaxel in androgen-indep.. 70
Mikael Nordfors Trastuzumab in combination with metronomic cyclophosphamide and methotrexate in patients with HER-2 positive metastatic bre 70
Mikael Nordfors Novel dammarane-type sapogenins from Panax ginseng berry and their biological activities. 70
Mikael Nordfors Proposals 70
Mikael Nordfors Anticancer Effect of Dihydroartemisinin (DHA) in a Pancreatic Tumor Model Evaluated by Conventional Methods and Optical Imaging. 70
Mikael Nordfors Randomized phase II trial of capecitabine versus capecitabine, low molecular weight heparin, and prednisone in refractory....... 70
Mikael Nordfors Photodynamic Therapy 70
Mikael Nordfors Preliminary results of individual therapy of chronic hepatitis C by Ukrain and interferon-alpha. 70
Mikael Nordfors Randomized controlled trial of biofeedback, sham feedback, and standard therapy for dyssynergic defecation. 70
Mikael Nordfors Clinical-translational strategies for the elevation of Nm23-H1 metastasis suppressor gene expression. 70
Mikael Nordfors More than 6.5 million jobs to be lost in UK lockdown, study predicts 70
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic effect of gemcitabine following metronomic administration in a pancreas cancer model. 70
Mikael Nordfors Metastatic chest wall malignant schwannoma responding to sorafenib: case report and literature review. 70
Mikael Nordfors Medical Stories 70
Mikael Nordfors New techniques in radiation therapy for head and neck cancer: IMRT, CyberKnife, protons, and carbon ions. Improved effectiveness and safety? Impact on survival? 70
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Growth and Its Inhibition in Terms of Coherence 70
Mikael Nordfors Chlorovirus ATCV-1 is part of the human oropharyngeal virome and is associated with changes in cognitive functions in humans and mice 70
Mikael Nordfors Effects of opioids on the immune system. 70
Mikael Nordfors Association between serum 25(OH)D and death from prostate cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Safety and Efficacy of Tien-Hsien Liquid Practical in Patients with Refractory Metastatic Breast Cancer: A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Parallel-Group, Phase IIa Trial 70
Mikael Nordfors Inhibitory effect of modified citrus pectin on liver metastases in a mouse colon cancer model. 70
Mikael Nordfors Neoadjuvant chemoradiotherapy for esophageal carcinoma: a meta-analysis. 70
Mikael Nordfors Cyberknife 70
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment in a patient with breast carcinoma 70
Mikael Nordfors The effects of chelidonine on tubulin polymerisation, cell cycle progression and selected signal transmission pathways 70
Mikael Nordfors PPAR gamma agonists can be expected to potentiate the efficacy of metronomic chemotherapy through CD36 up-regulation. 70
Mikael Nordfors Enhanced anticancer potential of encapsulated solid lipid nanoparticles of TPD: a novel triterpenediol from Boswellia serrata. 70
Mikael Nordfors What was the result? 70
Mikael Nordfors A Natural Tallberg compund? 70
Mikael Nordfors Epidemiologic evidence on coffee and cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Effect of culture supernatant of Toxoplasma gondii on the proliferation and apoptosis of BGC-823 cells 70
Mikael Nordfors Controlled clinical evaluations of chlorine dioxide, chlorite and chlorate in man. 70
Mikael Nordfors Multiple cycles of intermittent chemotherapy in metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Confirmation of needle placement within the piriformis muscle of a cadaveric specimen using anatomic landmarks and fluoroscopic 70
Mikael Nordfors A Phase I/IIA, Multicenter, Double-Blind, Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Crossover, Dose-Escalation, Safety Study of the Chemot 70
Mikael Nordfors High-Dose celecoxib and metronomic "low-dose" cyclophosphamide is an effective and safe therapy in patients with relapsed and re 70
Mikael Nordfors NF-kappaB does not influence the induction of apoptosis by Ukrain. 70
Mikael Nordfors Influence of Hypericum perforatum extract and its single compounds on amyloid-beta mediated toxicity in microglial cells. 70
Mikael Nordfors Oral metronomic cyclophosphamide in elderly with metastatic melanoma. 70
Mikael Nordfors Prostate-specific membrane antigen expression in the neovasculature of gastric and colorectal cancers. 70
Mikael Nordfors Homeopathy as a supportive therapy in cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic therapy with cyclophosphamide induces rat lymphoma and sarcoma regression, and is devoid of toxicity. 70
Mikael Nordfors Efficacy of ukrain in the treatment of pancreatic cancer. 70
Mikael Nordfors Increased risk of cancer subsequent to severe depression--a nationwide population-based study. 70
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain treatment in carcinoma of the oesophagus (case report) 70
Mikael Nordfors Phase I single-dose study of intracavitary-administered iodine-131-TM-601 in adults with recurrent high-grade glioma. 70
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose metronomic cyclophosphamide treatment mediates ischemia-dependent K-ras mutation in colorectal carcinoma xenografts. 70
Mikael Nordfors Clinical results of N-acetylcysteine after major hepatic surgery: a review. 70
Mikael Nordfors Audiologic and radiographic response of NF2-related vestibular schwannoma to erlotinib therapy. 70
Mikael Nordfors Targeting CXCL12 from FAP-expressing carcinoma-associated fibroblasts synergizes with anti–PD-L1 immunotherapy in pancreatic cancer 70
Mikael Nordfors Angiotensin-converting enzyme/vitamin D receptor gene polymorphisms and bioelectrical impedance analysis in predicting athletic performances of Italian young soccer players. 70
Mikael Nordfors Anti-cancer drugs that target metabolism, is dichloroacetate the new paradigm? 70
Mikael Nordfors Reversal of the glycolytic phenotype by dichloroacetate inhibits metastatic breast cancer cell growth in vitro and in vivo 70
Mikael Nordfors Suppression of angiogenesis, tumor growth, and wound healing by resveratrol, a natural compound in red wine and grapes 70
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic (metronomic) chemotherapy for brain tumors: current and future perspectives. 70
Mikael Nordfors Complete remission, in BRCA2 mutation carrier with metastatic pancreatic adenocarcinoma, treated with cisplatin based therapy. 70
Mikael Nordfors BET bromodomain inhibition as a therapeutic strategy to target c-Myc 70
Mikael Nordfors Synergistic cytotoxicity of artemisinin and sodium butyrate on human cancer cells. 70
Mikael Nordfors Angiogenesis and cancer: A cross-talk between basic science and clinical trials (the "do ut des" paradigm). 70
Mikael Nordfors Antioxidant supplement use after breast cancer diagnosis and mortality in the Life After Cancer Epidemiology (LACE) cohort. 70
Mikael Nordfors Hypoxia in cancer: significance and impact on clinical outcome. 70
Mikael Nordfors Phase II Trial of Curcumin in Patients with Advanced Pancreatic Cancer 70
Mikael Nordfors Impressive survival data with semimetronomic oral chemotherapy with old agents in heavily treated metastatic breast cancer..... 75
Mikael Nordfors The clinical efficacy of adjuvant systemic chemotherapy with gemcitabine and NSC-631570 in advanced pancreatic cancer. 75
Mikael Nordfors Removed from Pubmed because of suspiion of scientific fraud: Immunotherapy for Prostate Cancer with Gc Protein-Derived Macrophage-Activating Factor, GcMAF. 75
Mikael Nordfors Effects of pomegranate juice on human cytochrome P450 2C9 and tolbutamide pharmacokinetics in rats. 75
Mikael Nordfors p53 as a specific prognostic factor in triple-negative breast cancer. 75
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Psychotherapy according to Dr. Frederick B Levenson 76
Mikael Nordfors Metformin in the treatment of Cancer 77
Mikael Nordfors Mikael Nordfors, fighting for independent medicine and a subject of "Honor Killings" 78.33329999999999
Mikael Nordfors Why Ventilators May Not Be Working as Well for COVID-19 Patients as Doctors Hoped 80
Mikael Nordfors Could cadmium be responsible for some of the neurological signs and symptoms of Myalgic Encephalomyelitis/Chronic Fatigue Syndro 80
Mikael Nordfors To widen the setting of cancer patients who could benefit from metronomic capecitabine. 80
Mikael Nordfors Alternative Cancer Treatment (interview with Dr. Gonzalez by Dr. Mercola) 80
Mikael Nordfors Bevacizumab for recurrent ependymoma. 80
Mikael Nordfors Final report of toxicity and efficacy of a phase II study of oral cyclophosphamide, thalidomide, and prednisone for patient 80
Mikael Nordfors The use of low-dose naltrexone (LDN) as a novel anti-inflammatory treatment for chronic pain 80
Mikael Nordfors Infections Resulting from Narcotic Addiction 80
Mikael Nordfors Oxytrex minimizes physical dependence while providing effective analgesia: a randomized controlled trial in low back pain. 80
Mikael Nordfors The Endoscopic Treatment of Sciatic Nerve Entrapment/Deep Gluteal Syndrome 80
Mikael Nordfors Lyme and associated tick-borne diseases: global challenges in the context of a public health threat 80
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose chemotherapy combined with an antiangiogenic drug reduces human glioma growth in vivo. 80
Mikael Nordfors Modified citrus pectin anti-metastatic properties: one bullet, multiple targets. 80
Mikael Nordfors Serum 25-hydroxyvitamin D concentrations and risk of prostate cancer: results from the Prostate Cancer Prevention Trial. 80
Mikael Nordfors A phase II study of sorafenib in combination with tegafur/uracil (UFT) for Asian patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinoma 80
Mikael Nordfors Attitudes of patients to alternative medicine for cancer treatment. 80
Mikael Nordfors Different metronomic treatment schedules 80
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of liver mitochondrial monoamine oxidase activity by alkaloids isolated from Chelidonium and Macleaya and by their de 80
Mikael Nordfors Effects of low energy emission therapy in chronic psychophysiological insomnia. 80
Mikael Nordfors Lipidomics: the function of vital lipids in embryogenesis preventing autism spectrum disorders, treating sterile inflammatory di 80
Mikael Nordfors Regional hyperthermia in high-risk soft tissue sarcomas. 80
Mikael Nordfors The antimitotic effects of Ukrain, a Chelidonium majus alkaloid derivative, are reversible in vitro. 80
Mikael Nordfors Evaluation of anticancer activities of benzo phenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine in oral squamous cell carcinoma cell line. 80
Mikael Nordfors Coronavirus could cause 35,000 extra UK cancer deaths, experts warn 80
Mikael Nordfors Intracellular co-localization of SPLUNC1 protein with nanobacteria in nasopharyngeal carcinoma epithelia HNE1 cells depended on 80
Mikael Nordfors Low-Dose Naltrexone Therapy Improves Active Crohn’s Disease 80
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic chemotherapy using weekly low-dosage CPT-11 and UFT as postoperative adjuvant therapy in colorectal cancer at high... 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain acts by inhibition of tubulin polymerization in normal and malignant cell lines. 80
Mikael Nordfors Cannibalism of live lymphocytes by human metastatic but not primary melanoma cells 80
Mikael Nordfors Complementary and alternative medicines taken by cancer patients 80
Mikael Nordfors Metformin induces unique biological and molecular responses in triple negative breast cancer cells. 80
Mikael Nordfors Weekly high-dose calcitriol and docetaxel in metastatic androgen-independent prostate cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors In vitro cytotoxicity of combinations of dichloroacetate with anticancer platinum compounds 80
Mikael Nordfors Treatment of locally advanced pancreatic cancer with concurrent uftoral and radiotherapy. Results from 64 patients treated from 80
Mikael Nordfors Nitazoxanide for Lyme Treatment 80
Mikael Nordfors Tolfenamic acid enhances pancreatic cancer cell and tumor response to radiation therapy by inhibiting survivin protein expressio 80
Mikael Nordfors Determination of ibogaine and noribogaine in biological fluids and hair by LC-MS/MS after Tabernanthe iboga abuse Iboga alkaloi 80
Mikael Nordfors Effect of some isoquinoline alkaloids on enzymatic activity of acetylcholinesterase and monoamine oxidase 80
Mikael Nordfors Decreased CD57 lymphocyte subset in patients with chronic Lyme disease. 80
Mikael Nordfors Induction of apoptosis in cultured Chinese hamster ovary cells by Ukrain and its synergistic action with etoposide. 80
Mikael Nordfors Systematic review: comparative effectiveness and harms of treatments for clinically localized prostate cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors The effect of whole-body hyperthermia combined with 'metronomic' chemotherapy on rat mammary adenocarcinoma metastases. 80
Mikael Nordfors Randomized Trial of Cytoreduction and Hyperthermic Intraperitoneal Chemotherapy Versus Systemic Chemotherapy and Palliative.. 80
Mikael Nordfors Pilot study of a specific dietary supplement in tumor-bearing mice and in stage IIIB and IV non-small cell lung cancer patients. 80
Mikael Nordfors The Ketamine Model of the Near Death Experience: A Central Role for the NMDA Receptor 80
Mikael Nordfors Optimizing a novel regional chemotherapeutic agent against melanoma: hyperthermia-induced enhancement of temozolomide cytot..... 80
Mikael Nordfors Almost one third of Covid deaths in July and August 'primarily caused by other conditions 80
Mikael Nordfors Metformin use and prostate cancer in Caucasian men: results from a population-based case-control study. 80
Mikael Nordfors A new prostaglandin disturbance syndrome in schizophrenia: delta-6-pyroluria. 80
Mikael Nordfors Low dosage lithium augmentation in venlafaxine resistant depression: An open-label study. 80
Mikael Nordfors Treatment of acute promyelocytic leukaemia with all-trans retinoic acid and arsenic trioxide: a paradigm of synergistic molecula 80
Mikael Nordfors Increased survival time in brain glioblastomas by a radioneuroendocrine strategy with radiotherapy plus melatonin compared to... 80
Mikael Nordfors 66 year man. Cholangiocarcinoma 80
Mikael Nordfors Comparison of chemotherapy and X-ray therapy with Ukrain monotherapy for colorectal cancer 80
Mikael Nordfors Probiotic yogurt consumption is associated with an increase of CD4 count among people living with HIV/ 80
Mikael Nordfors Inhibitory effect of ginsenoside Rg3 combined with cyclophosphamide on growth and angiogenesis of ovarian cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Cardiac torsion and electromagnetic fields: the cardiac bioinformation hypothesis. 80
Mikael Nordfors A phase II trial of sunitinib (S) in previously-treated pancreas adenocarcinoma (PAC), CALGB 80603. 80
Mikael Nordfors Anthroposophic health care--different and home-like. 80
Mikael Nordfors Effect of indomethacin plus ranitidine in advanced melanoma patients on high-dose interleukin-2. 80
Mikael Nordfors Clinical and Pharmacodynamic Evaluation of Metronomic Cyclophosphamide, Celecoxib, and Dexamethasone in Advanced Hormone-refract 80
Mikael Nordfors Phase II trial of copper depletion with tetrathiomolybdate as an antiangiogenesis strategy in patients with hormone-refractory prostate cancer 80
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin D Binding Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor Inhibits HCC in SCID Mice. 80
Mikael Nordfors References 80
Mikael Nordfors Dendritic cell vaccination in melanoma patients: Update and subgroup analysis of clinical response to post-vaccine treatment. 80
Mikael Nordfors Effect of music on depression levels and physiological responses in community-based older adults. 80
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic potency of various chemotherapeutic drugs for metronomic chemotherapy. 80
Mikael Nordfors Sanguinarine suppresses prostate tumor growth and inhibits survivin expression. 80
Mikael Nordfors How to make a crisis far, far, worse 80
Mikael Nordfors Comparative evaluation of the complex treatment of rectal cancer patients (chemotherapy and X-ray therapy, Ukrain monotherapy) 80
Mikael Nordfors 82 year old woman. Breast cancer with lymph and bone metastasis. 80
Mikael Nordfors Discrepance between the full text article, and the Pubmed Summary 80
Mikael Nordfors Master Amino acid Pattern as substitute for dietary proteins during a weight-loss diet to achieve the body's nitrogen balance eq 80
Mikael Nordfors Anterior Cingulate Desynchronization and Functional Connectivity with the Amygdala During a Working Memory Task Predict Rapid An 80
Mikael Nordfors Clinical experience of integrative cancer immunotherapy with GcMAF. 80
Magnus Nylander Double-blind, placebo-controlled, randomised study of single dose effects of ADAPT-232 on cognitive functions. 80
Mikael Nordfors Metformin and Cancer Risk in Diabetic Patients: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis. 80
Mikael Nordfors Opiates and infection. 80
Mikael Nordfors How our gut microbes influence our behaviour. 80
Mikael Nordfors Variations of the piriformis and sciatic nerve with clinical consequence: a review 80
Mikael Nordfors Proapoptotic activity of Ukrain is based on Chelidonium majus L. alkaloids and mediated via a mitochondrial death pathway. 80
Mikael Nordfors Synergistic inhibitory effect of gemcitabine and angiotensin type-1 receptor blocker, losartan, on murine pancreatic tumor growt 80
Mikael Nordfors Tolfenamic acid inhibits esophageal cancer through repression of specificity proteins and c-Met. 80
Mikael Nordfors The mTOR signaling pathway in the prefrontal cortex is compromised in major depressive disorder. 80
Mikael Nordfors Enhanced radiation sensitivity and radiation recall dermatitis (RRD) after hypericin therapy – case report and review of literat 80
Mikael Nordfors Antitumor properties and modulation of antioxidant enzymes' activity by Aloe vera leaf active principles isolated via supercriti 80
Mikael Nordfors The Use of Dapsone as a Novel Persister Drug in the Treatment of Chronic Lyme Disease/Post Treatment Lyme Disease Syndrome 80
Mikael Nordfors An Internet misadventure: bloodroot salve toxicity 80
Mikael Nordfors Dihydroartemisinin (DHA) induces caspase-3-dependent apoptosis in human lung adenocarcinoma ASTC-a-1 cells. 80
Mikael Nordfors Anticancer effects and mechanisms of polysaccharide-K (PSK): implications of cancer immunotherapy. 80
Mikael Nordfors Hyperthermia improves the antitumour effect of metronomic cyclophosphamide in a rat transplantable brain tumour. 80
Mikael Nordfors Deuterium Depletion 80
Mikael Nordfors The incidence and relative risk factors for developing cancer among patients with schizophrenia: a nine-year follow-up study. 80
Mikael Nordfors Regional hyperthermia (RHT) improves response and survival when combined with systemic chemotherapy in the management of local.. 80
Mikael Nordfors Induced G2/M arrest and apoptosis in human epidermoid carcinoma cell lines by semisynthetic drug Ukrain 80
Mikael Nordfors Possible association between nanobacteria and malignant microcalcifications in breast cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Metformin is a potent inhibitor of endometrial cancer cell proliferation-implications for a novel treatment strategy. 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain monotherapy in malignant melanoma (case report) 80
Mikael Nordfors Bone-targeted therapy for advanced androgen-independent carcinoma of the prostate: a randomised phase II trial. 80
Mikael Nordfors A lipoxygenase inhibitor in breast cancer brain metastases. 80
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of RAD001 (everolimus) and depot octreotide (sandostatin LAR) in advanced low grade neuroendocrine carcinoma (LGN 80
Mikael Nordfors Cytochrome P-450 2C9 sensitizes human prostate tumor cells to cyclophosphamide via a bystander effect. 80
Mikael Nordfors Prospective controlled cohort studies on long-term therapy of breast cancer patients with a mistletoe preparation (Iscador) 80
Mikael Nordfors Metabolic-targeted therapy with dichloroacetate (DCA): a novel treatment strategy to improve the outcome of photodynamic therapy 80
Mikael Nordfors A randomized study with the pineal hormone melatonin versus supportive care alone in patients with brain metastases due to solid 80
Mikael Nordfors Enhancement of the efficacy of cancer chemotherapy by the pineal hormone melatonin and its relation with the psychospiritual sta 80
Mikael Nordfors Effective treatment of advanced human melanoma metastasis in immunodeficient mice using combination metronomic chemotherapy regi 80
Mikael Nordfors Natural Anti-inflammatory Substances 80
Mikael Nordfors Willmar Schwabe Award 2006: antiplasmodial and antitumor activity of artemisinin--from bench to bedside. 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain: Debated Subjects 80
Mikael Nordfors A comparative evaluation of the influence of the complex drug Ukrain and its components on the effects of radiation 80
Mikael Nordfors Sanguinarine induces apoptosis of human pancreatic carcinoma AsPC-1 and BxPC-3 cells via modulations in Bcl-2 family proteins 80
Mikael Nordfors The influence of glucose, succinate, pH of the medium and higher temperature on the cytotoxic activity of the preparation Ukrain 80
Mikael Nordfors Corticosteroids in COVID-19: Is it Rational? A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 80
Mikael Nordfors Antinociceptive effect of ten day administration of Ukrain in mice and interaction of the treatment with morphine 80
Mikael Nordfors Intravenous zoledronic acid to prevent osteoporosis in a veteran population with multiple risk factors for bone loss on androgen 80
Mikael Nordfors Effects of the conventional antitumor therapies surgery, chemotherapy, radiotherapy and immunotherapy on regulatory T lymphocy.. 80
Mikael Nordfors Clinical studies of Ukrain in terminal cancer patients (phase II) 80
Mikael Nordfors Alternative therapy produces intriguing results in some heart patients but many questions remain 80
Mikael Nordfors Efficacy of RAD001 (everolimus) and octreotide LAR in advanced low- to intermediate-grade neuroendocrine tumors: results of a .. 80
Test user Mice and Men 80
Mikael Nordfors Introduction 80
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose metronomic oral administration of vinorelbine in the first-line treatment of elderly patients with metastatic breast ca 80
Mikael Nordfors Treatment of metastatic cancer with tetrathiomolybdate, an anticopper, antiangiogenic agent: Phase I study. 80
Mikael Nordfors Effect of Ukrain on matrix metalloproteinase-2 and Secreted Protein Acidic and Rich in Cysteine (SPARC) expression in human.... 80
Mikael Nordfors Activity of a multitargeted, metronomic, and maximum-tolerated dose "chemo-switch" regimen in metastatic renal cell carcinoma (m 80
Mikael Nordfors Opioid growth factor enhances tumor growth inhibition and increases the survival of paclitaxel-treated mice with squamous cell c 80
Mikael Nordfors Randomized phase II trial of chemoradiotherapy followed by either dose-dense or metronomic temozolomide for newly diagnosed glio 80
Mikael Nordfors Effect of emodin combined gemcitabine on the growth and apoptosis of pancreatic cancer cell line BxPC-3 in vitro 80
Mikael Nordfors Clinical impact of B-cell depletion with the anti-CD20 antibody rituximab in chronic fatigue syndrome: a preliminary case series 80
Mikael Nordfors Evaluation of the treatment of peritoneal carcinomatosis of colorectal cancer (CRC) with complete cytoreduction and hyperthe.... 80
Mikael Nordfors High-dose medroxyprogesterone acetate versus estramustine in therapy-resistant prostatic cancer: a randomised study. 80
Mikael Nordfors The dynamics of concentration of the main fluorescent component of Ukrain in the tissues and blood plasma of rats with W-256 ... 80
Mikael Nordfors The antifungal drug itraconazole inhibits vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 (VEGFR2) glycosylation, trafficking and 80
Mikael Nordfors Artesunate combined with vinorelbine plus cisplatin in treatment of advanced non-small cell lung cancer: a randomized controlled 80
Mikael Nordfors Antitumor effects of the benzophenanthridine alkaloid sanguinarine in a rat syngeneic model of colorectal cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Hearing improvement after bevacizumab in patients with neurofibromatosis type 2. 80
Mikael Nordfors Clinical applications of magnetic nanoparticles for hyperthermia. 80
Mikael Nordfors Covid-19: "Staggering number" of extra deaths in community is not explained by covid-19 80
Mikael Nordfors Major New Survey of Care Home Leaders Confirms Severe Impact of Covid-19 80
Mikael Nordfors Presence of nanobacteria in psammoma bodies of ovarian cancer: evidence for pathogenetic role in intratumoral biomineralization. 80
Mikael Nordfors The Outcome of Hydroxychloroquine in Patients Treated for COVID-19: Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis 80
Mikael Nordfors Potential therapeutic efficacy of Ukrain (NSC 631570) in AIDS patients with Kaposi's sarcoma 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain therapy of recurrent breast cancer with lung metastases (case report) 80
Mikael Nordfors Phase II Study of Dasatinib in Patients with Metastatic Castration-Resistant Prostate Cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Biweekly oxaliplatin plus 1-day infusional fluorouracil/leucovorin followed by metronomic chemotherapy with tegafur/uracil in--- 80
Mikael Nordfors National Cancer Institute, National Institute of Health: Developmental Therapeutics Program. NSC 631570: results of the Human Ce 80
Mikael Nordfors Outside the box--novel therapeutic strategies for glioblastoma. 80
Mikael Nordfors Disulfiram induces copper-dependent stimulation of reactive oxygen species and activation of the extrinsic apoptotic pathway in 80
Mikael Nordfors Comparative results between two groups of track-and-field athletes with or without the use of Master Amino acid Pattern as prote 80
Mikael Nordfors Melatonin as biological response modifier in cancer patients. 80
Mikael Nordfors The latest investigation results were not part of the Cohrane review and the review by Professor Ernst 80
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic therapy elicits malignant progression of tumors to increased local invasion and distant metastasis. 80
Mikael Nordfors Cancer Treatments 80
humblemats Ibogaine 80
Mikael Nordfors Be prudent of ketamine in treating resistant depression in patients with cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Resveratrol 80
Mikael Nordfors A mechanistic study on altered pharmacokinetics of irinotecan by St. John's wort 80
Mikael Nordfors Newcastle disease virus as an oncolytic agent. 80
drsunshine Homeopathy in Advanced Lung Cancer - A Case Report 80
Mikael Nordfors Transfusion-Transmitted Babesia spp.: Bull's-Eye on Babesia microti 80
Mikael Nordfors In vitro screening for the tumoricidal properties of international medicinal herbs 80
Mikael Nordfors Regulation of survival, proliferation, invasion, angiogenesis, and metastasis of tumor cells through modulation of inflammatory 80
Mikael Nordfors N-acetylcysteine inhibits proliferation, adhesion, migration and invasion of human bladder cancer cells. 80
Mikael Nordfors The emerging low-dose therapy for advanced cancers. 80
Mikael Nordfors The way ‘Covid deaths’ are being counted is a national scandal 80
Mikael Nordfors Metformin selectively targets cancer stem cells, and acts together with chemotherapy to block tumor growth and prolong remission 80
Mikael Nordfors Boswellic acids: biological actions and molecular targets. 80
Mikael Nordfors Dramatic prostate-specific antigen response with activated hemicellulose compound in metastatic castration-resistant prostate ca 80
Mikael Nordfors Response of brain metastases from breast cancer to megestrol acetate: a case report. 80
Mikael Nordfors Impact of complementary treatment of breast cancer patients with standardized mistletoe extract during aftercare: a controlled m 80
Mikael Nordfors Repeated intravenous ketamine therapy in a patient with treatment-resistant major depression. 80
Mikael Nordfors Synergistic activity of PHY906 with capecitabine in pancreatic carcinoma. 80
Mikael Nordfors Individual Patient Data Meta-analysis of Survival and Psychosomatic Self-regulation from Published Prospective Controlled Cohort 80
Mikael Nordfors Collaborative Book on Ukrain 80
Mikael Nordfors Endogenous opioids regulate expression of experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis: a new paradigm for the treatment of multipl 80
Mikael Nordfors A prospective randomised controlled study of the use of ranitidine in patients with gastric cancer. Yorkshire GI Tumour Group. 80
Mikael Nordfors Tetrathiomolybdate-associated copper depletion decreases circulating endothelial progenitor cells in women with breast cancer at high risk of relapse 80
Mikael Nordfors An orally active Amazonian plant extract (BIRM) inhibits prostate cancer growth and metastasis. 80
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic antiangiogenetic biochemotherapy of non-small cell lung cancer patients .... 80
Mikael Nordfors Micronutrient accumulation and depletion in schizophrenia, epilepsy, autism and Parkinson's disease? 80
Mikael Nordfors Lyme Treatment 80
Mikael Nordfors How to optimize vitamin D supplementation to prevent cancer, based on cellular adaptation and hydroxylase enzymology. 80
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic Schedule of Paclitaxel Is Effective in Hormone Receptor–Positive and Hormone Receptor–Negative Breast Cancer 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain, an alkaloid thiophosphoric acid derivative of Chelidonium majus L. protects human fibroblasts but not human tumour ce 80
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic cyclophosphamide and capecitabine combined with bevacizumab in advanced breast cancer. 80
Mikael Nordfors Functional Significance of CD57 Expression on Human NK Cells and Relevance to Disease. Nielsen CM1 80
Mikael Nordfors ROS production and angiogenic regulation by macrophages in response to heat therapy. 80
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain Debate 1: What is the active Substance of Ukrain? 80
Mikael Nordfors Professor’s model for coronavirus predictions should not have been used 80
Mikael Nordfors Interaction between Ukrain and Naltrexone in the writhing syndrome test in mice 80
Mikael Nordfors Hypericine 83.33329999999999
Mikael Nordfors Mistletoe Therapy in Cancer 83.33329999999999
Mikael Nordfors Adjuvant vaccination with melanoma antigen pulsed dendritic cells (DCs) in stage III melanoma patients. 85
Mikael Nordfors Curcumin 85
Mikael Nordfors Chemopreventive and adjuvant therapeutic potential of pomegranate (Punica granatum) for human breast cancer. 85
Mikael Nordfors Blinding Problem with mistletoe 85
humblemats The ibogaine medical subculture. 85
Mikael Nordfors NSC-631570 (Ukrain) in the palliative treatment of pancreatic cancer. Results of a phase II trial 85
Mikael Nordfors The anti-angiogenic basis of metronomic chemotherapy. 85
Mikael Nordfors 82 year old man with prostate cancer 85
Mikael Nordfors Todoxin, the immune stimulant from Serbia 86.36360000000001
Mikael Nordfors Systems biology: a therapeutic target for tumor therapy. 86.66670000000001
Mikael Nordfors GcMAF-The cancer revolution from Japan 87.5
Mikael Nordfors Low dose "Metronomic" Chemotherapy 89
Mikael Nordfors Chemotherapy of advanced epithelial cancer--a critical review 90
Mikael Nordfors Chlamydia pneumoniae infection and lung cancer risk: a meta-analysis. 90
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose naltrexone for the treatment of irritable bowel syndrome: a pilot study. 90
Mikael Nordfors Effects of a high molecular mass Convolvulus arvensis extract on tumor growth and angiogenesis. 90
Mikael Nordfors Cellular immune suppression in cancer patients and its implication for dendritic cell therapy. 90
Mikael Nordfors Biomarker alterations with metronomic use of low-dose zoledronic acid for breast cancer patients with bone metastases and potent 90
Mikael Nordfors Blinding Problems 90
Mikael Nordfors Gut microbes and the brain: paradigm shift in neuroscience. 90
Mikael Nordfors Opioid growth factor and the treatment of human pancreatic cancer: a review. 90
Mikael Nordfors Treatment of advanced pancreatic cancer with opioid growth factor: phase I. 90
Mikael Nordfors Adaptive therapy. 90
Mikael Nordfors WHO’S AFRAID OF A CURE FOR CANCER? - The struggle for an alternative cancer drug 90
Mikael Nordfors Revisiting the ALA/N (alpha-lipoic acid/low-dose naltrexone) protocol for people with metastatic and nonmetastatic pancreatic ca 90
Mikael Nordfors Effects of CANELIM capsule drug-contained serum on viscoelasticity 90
Mikael Nordfors Retrospective study of Ukrain treatment in 203 patients with advanced-stage tumors 90
Mikael Nordfors The use of mushroom glucans and proteoglycans in cancer treatment. 90
Mikael Nordfors We want a membership button with a donation button 90
Mikael Nordfors MR-guided laser-induced interstitial thermotherapy of recurrent glioblastoma multiforme: preliminary results in 16 patients. 90
Mikael Nordfors Total pineal endocrine substitution therapy (TPEST) as a new neuroendocrine palliative treatment of untreatable metastatic soli 90
Mikael Nordfors 71 year old woman, Pancraetic cancer with liver and lung metastasis. 90
Mikael Nordfors Boswellia serrata acts on cerebral edema in patients irradiated for brain tumors: a prospective, randomized, placebo-controlled, 90
Mikael Nordfors Pomegranate juice does not impair clearance of oral or intravenous midazolam, a probe for cytochrome P450-3A activity........... 90
Mikael Nordfors Efficacy and Toxicity Management of 19-28z CAR T Cell Therapy in B Cell Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. 90
Anne Ingeborg H... Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Tea (Tisane) Lowers Blood Pressure in Prehypertensive and Mildly Hypertensive Adults 90
Mikael Nordfors Chlamydia pneumoniae infection of the central nervous system in multiple sclerosis 90
Mikael Nordfors Clinical Investigations on Ukrain 90
Mikael Nordfors Dichloroacetic acid 90
Mikael Nordfors Mycoplasmas and oncogenesis: persistent infection and multistage malignant transformation. 90
Mikael Nordfors 20(S)-25-methoxyl-dammarane-3beta, 12beta, 20-triol, a novel natural product for prostate cancer therapy: activity in vitro and 90
Mikael Nordfors Anticancer Efficacy of Polyphenols and Their Combinations. 90
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic 5-fluorouracil, oxaliplatin and irinotecan in colorectal cancer. 90
Mikael Nordfors Cellular immune suppression in cancer patients and its implication for dendritic cell therapy. Sub-category: Cell-Based Therapy 90
Mikael Nordfors The present state of antineoplaston research (1) 90
Mikael Nordfors Scope of Problem for Lymes Disease 90
Mikael Nordfors Debate in Lancet about setting up a phase II trial on Ukrain in England 90
Mikael Nordfors Tumor therapy with Amanita phalloides (death cap): stabilization of B-cell chronic lymphatic leukemia. 90
Mikael Nordfors Sanguinarine-induced apoptosis in human leukemia U937 cells via Bcl-2 downregulation and caspase-3 activation. 90
Mikael Nordfors Albumin Concentration Controls Cancer 90
Mikael Nordfors Alzheimer's disease - a neurospirochetosis. Analysis of the evidence following Koch's and Hill's criteria 90
Mikael Nordfors Impact of antioxidant supplementation on chemotherapeutic toxicity: a systematic review of the evidence from randomized ........ 90
Mikael Nordfors Pilot Study of Sentinel-Node-Based Adoptive Immunotherapy in Advanced Colorectal Cancer. 90
Mikael Nordfors Immunomodulatory effects of opioids. 90
Mikael Nordfors Improving conventional or low dose metronomic chemotherapy with targeted antiangiogenic drugs. 90
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic chemotherapy: changing the paradigm that more is better. 90
Mikael Nordfors A preliminary naturalistic study of low-dose ketamine for depression and suicide ideation in the emergency department. 90
Mikael Nordfors The Noscapine Chronicle: A Pharmaco-Historic Biography of the Opiate Alkaloid Family and its Clinical Applications 90
Mikael Nordfors Electromagnetic energy as a bridge between atomic and cellular levels in the genetics approach to cancer treatment. 90
Mikael Nordfors Artesunate in the treatment of metastatic uveal melanoma--first experiences. 90
Mikael Nordfors A translational study "case report" on the small molecule "energy blocker" 3-bromopyruvate (3BP) as a potent anticancer agent: from bench side to bedside. 90
Mikael Nordfors Current perspectives on the medicinal potentials of Vernonia amygdalina Del. 90
Mikael Nordfors The long-term survival of a patient with pancreatic cancer with metastases to the liver after treatment with the intravenous alp 90
Mikael Nordfors Ticks and mosquitoes as vectors of Borrelia burgdorferi s. l. in the forested areas of Szczecin. 90
Mikael Nordfors Metabolic modulation of glioblastoma with dichloroacetate. 90
Mikael Nordfors The PEP-C regimen for recurring/refractory lymphoma: low-dose metronomic, multidrug therapy. 90
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic low-dose oral cyclophosphamide and methotrexate plus or minus thalidomide in metastatic breast cancer: antitumor acti 90
Mikael Nordfors A randomized trial of personalized peptide vaccine (PPV) plus low-dose estramustine (EMP) versus full-dose EMP in patients ..... 90
Mikael Nordfors A phase II, single-arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with advanced esoph 90
Mikael Nordfors Alternating electric fields arrest cell proliferation in animal tumor models and human brain tumors. 90
Mikael Nordfors A phase II study of chemoneuroimmunotherapy with platinum, subcutaneous low-dose interleukin-2 and the pineal neurohormone mela 90
Mikael Nordfors A 4-week home-based aerobic and resistance exercise program during radiation therapy: a pilot randomized clinical trial. 90
Mikael Nordfors Disulfiram inhibits activating transcription factor/cyclic AMP-responsive element binding protein and human melanoma growth in a 90
Mikael Nordfors Low dose naltrexone for induction of remission in Crohn's disease. 90
Mikael Nordfors Neuroprotective and disease-modifying effects of the ketogenic diet 90
Mikael Nordfors Is it time to test metformin in breast cancer clinical trials? 90
Mikael Nordfors Pre-Clinical Investigations on Ukrain 90
Mikael Nordfors The effect of low-dose naltrexone on quality of life of patients with multiple sclerosis: a randomized placebo-controlled trial. 90
Mikael Nordfors Role of infectious agents in the emergence of malignant tumors 90
Mikael Nordfors Combining agents that target the tumor microenvironment improves the efficacy of anticancer therapy. 90
Mikael Nordfors Study of the effects of vinpocetin on cognitive functions 90
Mikael Nordfors A Two-Phase Case-Control Study of Autism Risk Among Children Born From the Late 1990s Through the Early 2000s in the United States 90
Mikael Nordfors Valproic acid: an old drug newly discovered as inhibitor of histone deacetylases. 90
Mikael Nordfors Dendritic cell-based vaccination in combination with gemcitabine/S-1 in patients with advanced pancreatic cancer. Sub-category: 90
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain - a new cancer cure? A systematic review of randomised clinical trials. 90
Mikael Nordfors Current impediments to acceptance of the ultraviolet-B-vitamin D-cancer hypothesis. 90
Mikael Nordfors Immune-modifying and antimicrobial effects of Eucalyptus oil and simple inhalation devices 90
Mikael Nordfors Culture and identification of Borrelia spirochetes in human vaginal and seminal secretions 90
Mikael Nordfors Open Source Cancer Resaearch - A video 90
Mikael Nordfors Hyperthermia and radiation therapy for locally advanced or recurrent breast cancer. 90
Mikael Nordfors Does The New Coronavirus Spread Silently? 90
Mikael Nordfors Exploration of NMDA receptors in migraine: therapeutic and theoretic implications. 90
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose naltrexone therapy improves active Crohn's disease. 90
Mikael Nordfors NOSH-aspirin (NBS-1120), a novel nitric oxide- and hydrogen sulfide-releasing hybrid is a potent inhibitor of colon cancer cell 90
Mikael Nordfors Microdose lithium treatment stabilized cognitive impairment in patients with Alzheimer?s disease. 90
Mikael Nordfors Randomized Trials of Selenium, Vitamin E, or Vitamin C for Prostate Cancer Prevention 90
Mikael Nordfors 42 year old man. Kidney cancer 90
Mikael Nordfors Does chemosensitivity-assay-directed therapy have an influence on the prognosis of patients with malignant melanoma stage IV? .. 90
Mikael Nordfors Efficacy of homeopathic therapy in cancer treatment 90
Mikael Nordfors Immunotherapy with dendritic cells as a second-line therapy in advanced pleural mesothelioma. 90
Mikael Nordfors Prospective controlled cohort studies on long-term therapy of cervical cancer patients with a mistletoe preparation (Iscador). 90
Mikael Nordfors Patients looking for mistletoe treatment very rarely accepts to enroll in a randomized controlled study 90
Mikael Nordfors Patient satisfaction with primary care: an observational study comparing anthroposophic and conventional care 90
Mikael Nordfors Update on pilot study on antitumor efficacy of intravenously applied synergistic combinations of diflunisal, PAS, and aspirin in patients with advanced solid tumors. 90
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin D for cancer prevention: global perspective. 90
Test user In-vitro toxicity of Ukrain against human Ewing tumor cell lines. 90
Mikael Nordfors The near-death experience: a cerebellar method to protect body and soul-lessons from the Iboga healing ceremony in Gabon. 90
Mikael Nordfors Metronomic schedule of temozolomide with conventional dose of cisplatin in metastatic melanoma. Sub-category: Melanoma Categor 90
Mikael Nordfors Amplitude-modulated electromagnetic fields for the treatment of cancer: discovery of tumor-specific frequencies and assessment of a novel therapeutic approach. 90
Mikael Nordfors Artemisinin derivates in the treatment of Cancer 90
Mikael Nordfors Hyperthermia adds to chemotherapy. 90
Mikael Nordfors Adjuvant stereotactic body radiotherapy for resected pancreatic adenocarcinoma with close or positive margins. 90
Mikael Nordfors Repeated transarterial chemoembolisation using different chemotherapeutic drug combinations followed by MR-guided laser-induced 90
Mikael Nordfors 61 year old woman, Breast cancer with lymph, and lung metastasis 90
Mikael Nordfors Pomegranate juice: a heart-healthy fruit juice. 90
Mikael Nordfors Obesity, hyperinsulinemia and breast cancer: novel targets and a novel role for metformin. 90
Mikael Nordfors Destruction of spirochete Borrelia burgdorferi round-body propagules (RBs) by the antibiotic tigecycline. 90
Mikael Nordfors Mycoplasma infections and different human carcinomas. 90
Mikael Nordfors Cystatin C in LS lymphosarcoma and HA-1 hepatoma treated with Ukrain and cyclophosphamide and involvement of apoptosis. 90
Mikael Nordfors Medicinal plants and cancer chemoprevention. 90
Mikael Nordfors The state of Evidence for Lymes Disease. 90
Mikael Nordfors Systemic delivery of microencapsulated 3-bromopyruvate for the therapy of pancreatic cancer. 90
Mikael Nordfors Antiangiogenic metronomic chemotherapy and hyperthermia in the palliation of advanced cancer. 90
Mikael Nordfors Chemical analyses of Ukrain, a semi-synthetic Chelidonium majus alkaloid derivative, fail to confirm its trimeric structure 90
Mikael Nordfors Open-letter-to-the-uk-government-governments-of-the-world-and-the-citizens-of-the-world" 90
Mikael Nordfors GcMAF studies presented at IACFS/ME meetings in Ottawa 90
Mikael Nordfors Cyclophosphamide plus somatostatin, bromocriptin, retinoids, melatonin and ACTH in the treatment of low-grade non-Hodgkin's .... 90
Mikael Nordfors 71 year old woman. Breast cancer with bone metastasis 90
Mikael Nordfors Extreme randomizing? 90
Mikael Nordfors Mistletoe therapy in oncology 90
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin D binding protein-macrophage activating factor (DBP-maf) inhibits angiogenesis and tumor growth in mice. 90
Mikael Nordfors A homeopathic approach to treat patients with advanced gallbladder, periampullary, and liver carcinomas: a report of 3 cases. 90
Mikael Nordfors Vitamin D binding protein-macrophage activating factor directly inhibits proliferation, migration, and uPAR expression of prosta 90
Mikael Nordfors Case Report: A Breast Cancer Patient Treated with GcMAF, Sonodynamic Therapy and Hormone Therapy 90
Mikael Nordfors Cellular Mechanisms Underlying the Antidepressant Effects of Ketamine: Role of the AMPA receptor. 90
Mikael Nordfors Why are tumour blood vessels abnormal and why is it important to know? 90
Mikael Nordfors [Efficacy of vinpotropile in the therapy of initial signs of cerebrovascular pathology 90
Mikael Nordfors The Biofield Hypothesis: Its Biophysical Basis and Role in Medicine 90
Mikael Nordfors Therapeutic vaccination with an autologous TriMix-Dendritic cell vaccine combined with sequential interferon alfa-2b in ........ 90
Mikael Nordfors Effect of Ukrain on the growth and metastasizing of Lewis carcinoma in C57BL/6 mice 90
Mikael Nordfors The complete discussion of the individual clinical Lyme questions 90
Mikael Nordfors Staphylococcus aureus and wounds: A review of tea tree oil as a promising antimicrobial agent 90
Mikael Nordfors Safety and outcome of treatment of metastatic melanoma using 3-bromopyruvate: a concise literature review and case study. 90
Mikael Nordfors Psorinum, the anti cancer miracle from India. 91.4706
Mikael Nordfors Fibromyalgia Symptoms Are Reduced by Low-Dose Naltrexone: A Pilot Study. 95
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of docetaxel-prednisone (DP) in combination with metronomic cyclophosphamide (CTX) and celecoxib (C) ...... 95
Mikael Nordfors Ukrain (NSC-631570) in the treatment of pancreas cancer. 95
Mikael Nordfors A randomized trial of an N-methyl-D-aspartate antagonist in treatment-resistant major depression. 95
Mikael Nordfors Interview with Professor Marco Ruggiero on MAF 314 95
Mikael Nordfors Dichloroacetate (DCA) as a potential metabolic-targeting therapy for cancer. 95
Mikael Nordfors Biophotonics in the infrared spectral range reveal acupuncture meridian structure of the body. 95
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose naltrexone for disease prevention and quality of life. 95
Mikael Nordfors Reducing malignant ascites accumulation by repeated intraperitoneal administrations of a Viscum album extract. 95
Mikael Nordfors Herbo-mineral ayurvedic treatment in a high risk acute promyelocytic leukemia patient with second relapse: 12 years follow up. 95
Mikael Nordfors DCA 97.5
Mikael Nordfors Bio-Immune therapy according to Professor Thomas Tallberg, a cure for Melanoma? 97.5
WNowicky Why is not Ukrain approved yet in Austria/EU? 98.5714
Mikael Nordfors Does lithium prevent Alzheimer's disease? 100
Mikael Nordfors 75 year old man, Prostate Cancer with bone and liver metastasis 100
Mikael Nordfors Oleic Acid, deglycosylated vitamin D-binding protein, nitric oxide: a molecular triad made lethal to cancer. 100
Mikael Nordfors The Deep Gluteal Syndrome, an underestimated etiological factor for Sciatica, Low Back Pain and other chronic pain conditions? 100
Mikael Nordfors Active specific immunotherapy with supportive measures in the treatment of palliatively nephrectomized, renal adenocarcinoma pat 100
Mikael Nordfors Increased urinary excretion of a 3-(3-hydroxyphenyl)-3-hydroxypropionic acid (HPHPA), an abnormal phenylalanine metabolite of Cl 100
Mikael Nordfors A phase II, single arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with unresectable metastatic colorectal carcinoma. 100
Mikael Nordfors Inhibition of glucose turnover by 3-bromopyruvate counteracts pancreatic cancer stem cell features and sensitizes cells to gemcitabine. 100
Mikael Nordfors Effectiveness of Stevia Rebaudiana Whole Leaf Extract Against the Various Morphological Forms of Borrelia Burgdorferi in Vitro. 100
Mikael Nordfors Covid-19: four fifths of cases are asymptomatic, China figures indicate 100
Mikael Nordfors Improvement of dendritic cell therapy in glioblastoma multiforme WHO 4 by Newcastle disease virus. 100
Mikael Nordfors Anthroposofic Medicine - Effectiveness, utility, costs, safety 100
Mikael Nordfors Antibiotic treatment in patients with chronic low back pain and vertebral bone edema (Modic type 1 changes): a double-blind randomized clinical controlled trial of efficacy 100
Mikael Nordfors The Wisdom of Crowds 100
Mikael Nordfors Systematic review and meta-analysis of the efficacy and safety of minocycline in schizophrenia. 100
Mikael Nordfors A country level analysis measuring the impact of government actions, country preparedness and socioeconomic factors on COVID-19 mortality and related health outcomes 100
Mikael Nordfors Ozone therapy for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: a Quasi-Randomized Controlled Trial 100
Mikael Nordfors Low-dose lithium uptake promotes longevity in humans and metazoans. 100
Mikael Nordfors The story of "Miracle Mineral" and Jim Humble 100
Mikael Nordfors Multivitamins in the prevention of cancer in men: the Physicians' Health Study II randomized controlled trial. 100
Mikael Nordfors Wiki Books 100
Mikael Nordfors Effect of gliadin on permeability of intestinal biopsy explants from celiac disease patients and patients with non-celiac gluten sensitivity. 100
Mikael Nordfors Treatment Guidelines for Lyme according to ILADS, (International Lyme and Assciated Diseases association) 100
Mikael Nordfors Psychodynamic psychotherapy, therapeutic touch and cancer. A review of the method of intervention and studv of 75 cases 100
Mikael Nordfors Ozone therapy for patients with COVID-19 pneumonia: a Quasi-Randomized Controlled Trial 100
Mikael Nordfors 63 year old woman with stage III malignant melanoma 100
Mikael Nordfors Comments from Nowicky Pharma 100
Mikael Nordfors A phase II, single arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with metastatic bladder cancer. 100
Mikael Nordfors A phase II, single-arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with advanced non-s 100
Mikael Nordfors Different Brain Regions are Infected with Fungi in Alzheimer’s Disease 100
Mikael Nordfors Executive summary of treatment recommendations of Lymes Disease 100
Mikael Nordfors 3-Bromopyruvate (3BP) a fast acting, promising, powerful, specific, and effective "small molecule" anti-cancer agent taken from labside to bedside: introduction to a special issue. 100
Mikael Nordfors The need for ibogaine in drug and alcohol addiction treatment. 100
Mikael Nordfors Motor neuron disease recovery associated with IV ceftriaxone and anti-Babesia therapy. 100
Mikael Nordfors Democracy 2.1 How to Make a Bunch of Lazy and Selfish People Work Together? A handbook about collective Intelligence in Politics 100
Mikael Nordfors Improvement of the recurrence-free interval using biological adjuvant therapy in uveal melanoma. 100
Mikael Nordfors Deuterium depleted water effects on survival of lung cancer patients and expression of Kras, Bcl2, and Myc genes in mouse lung. 100
testare Köpa in pepparkaksdeg 100
Mikael Nordfors Reversal of Signs and Symptoms of a B-Cell Lymphoma in a Patient Using Only Low-Dose Naltrexone 100
Mikael Nordfors Intermittent androgen deprivation therapy: redefining the standard of care? 100
Mikael Nordfors Effects of Intravenous Ketamine on Explicit and Implicit Measures of Suicidality in Treatment-Resistant Depression 100
Mikael Nordfors Pilot trial of low-dose naltrexone and quality of life in multiple sclerosis. 100
Mikael Nordfors Phase II study of pomegranate juice for men with rising prostate-specific antigen following surgery or radiation for prostate c 100
Mikael Nordfors A phase II, single arm clinical trial involving an alternative cancer treatment psorinum therapy in patients with unresectable m 100
Mikael Nordfors A prospective observational clinical study involving an alternative cancer treatment, psorinum therapy, in treating stomach, gal 100
Mikael Nordfors Low Dose naltrexone 100
Mikael Nordfors Psorinum therapy in treating stomach, gall bladder, pancreatic, and liver cancers: a prospective clinical study. 100